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Globally supporting seafarers, fishers and their families

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    What is the Missing Seafarers & Fishers Reporting Programme?

    The Missing Seafarers & Fishers Reporting Programme is a flagship programme delivered to the international and maritime communities by the independent maritime Human Rights charity Human Rights at Sea. It has evolved from the original concept of only reporting on missing seafarers, to now explicitly including reports of missing fishers. It is a privately funded programme delivered through the generosity of international donors having been conceived in September 2013. It relies upon voluntary support to run and deliver on behalf of families who have lost loved ones at sea.

    The Vision

    The Vision is to become the focal international database for recording missing seafarers and fishers.

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    The Aim

    The Aim of the Programme through the use of the Missing Seafarer and Fisher Register (“the Register”) is to build an accurate international database detailing the status of seafarers and fishers missing at sea on a global basis.

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